A History of Comics

If you want to get a good feel about the history of the comic from before WWII and after, here is a written thesis by Milton Caniff, which was written at the University of Southern California, in December 1990.

“Comics, along with jazz, has often been called one of the few indigenous American art forms (reference #1) Although the exact origin of comics and cartooning has been subject to debate, comics certainly did not become popular until they were introduced in American newspapers at the turn of the century… to read more.

Critical of Comics

Critical Of Comics

In an article that appeared in TOPS, March, 1954, p.39 there is criticism of Williams Gaines success at reviving a failing comic book business. The criticism revolves about the effect that his horror comic had on young children of that time. It has always been the case that people who don’t have a firm understanding of psychology are the first to point to symptoms instead of cure.

A Horror Comic Criticism

Article From 1954

That fact is that literature and printed material of all sorts was available then as it is now. It is not the written matter that makes people develop unwanted social behavior, but it is the way a child is brought up by the parents. Once this is realized, then programs can be established to show and train parents how to treat and raise their children. So getting rid of undesirable visual and written matter is not going to make a misbehaved children behave like they should. Treating a child with love and understanding will make not need undesirable material of any kind. Here is a portion of the article and you can view more at Criticism of Comics.

PDF Comics WebSite

Comics PDF From The Golden Age

At this site you will find a variety of golden age comics of the 40’s and 50’s. These comic books are presented to you in PDF. They come from the original comic pages, but their images and writing has been cleaned up for a more presentable view.

These PDF comics are priced at a low price compared to the time it takes to refurbish them. In addition you will find some free comics so that you can see the quality of them and what to expect on those that are not free. In a few cases the images and writing is not the best, because the content we have to start with is not always the best. But you still get to see some fantastic art and get the feel of the comics of that time.

PDF’s are a great way to view the comic content, since it allows you to view the whole comic page at once. This is similar to the way you would view the comic, if you had the comic in your hands. Now, if you have a note pad that allows you to view PDF’s then these comics can be read anywhere at your pleasure.

Golden age babe ruth comic book